Real Good

After spending her entire life surrounded by Dogs, Terah Gisolo was introduced to the world of rescue by her sister, who has adopted more Dogs than can be counted. All were in their last hours in the shelter or left for dead. Inspired by her sister's love of Dogs in need, Terah dedicated years volunteering for numerous rescue groups coast-to-coast and has fostered countless Dogs in need. Her obsession and passion for Dogs has only picked up momentum over the years. Thus, Real Good was born.

Real Good is all about the Dogs. Our intention is to educate and provide awareness to end the abuse of Dogs, to ensure all Dogs live in a loving home rather than in a shelter or on the streets. We hope to empower individuals to feel confident about adopting a Dog from a shelter or rescue group just as they would when buying from a breeder (which we poo poo on). We aim to eliminate the unfavorable stigmas surrounding specific “Bully” breeds. The method to our madness: when you shop from Real Good, your dollars make a difference. We will donate 11% of our profits to a 501c3 Dog Rescue group.  After all, your financial support is a vast part in giving rescue groups the freedom to save lives while enlightening the public at the same time. 

We mean it when we say we love Dogs for real and we want to use our love of Dogs for something, well, Real Good. In case you’re still wondering, any friend of a Dog is a friend of ours! Thank you for your support and helping us save lives!

With compassion, devotion and education, we can and will put an end to abused, homeless, abandoned and shelter dogs.
— Terah Gisolo

The Real Good Pack

THOR ST. THOMAS - CTO - Chief Tasting Officer

Based on his love for people and his love for food (hence the CTO title), you would never know that this love nugget was used as a bait dog in the horrendous world of dog fighting. Dumped at a shelter when he was no longer "useful," he was sick with heart worm, badly beat up and emaciated. But look at this boy now; he's all smiles and love! Thor, a true warrior.

BOOMER JACK - VPPP - Vice President of Pocket Perfection

Boomer, Boom da Boom, Boom City—he goes by many names. This tiny little man was in the hands of some not so good folks who did some unthinkable things (we'll spare you the details) before landing on the kill list at the shelter. Well, those ears had us at 'Hello.' And as they say, the rest is history. He likes to put on a front, but lets get real, give this little man a "pocket"—any sort of snuggly blanket situation for him to burrow in—and you've made a friend for life. There was no question he should be in charge of snuggle quality control.

PENELOPE ANNE - THE OGP - The Original Gangsta Princess

Her friends call her Penny. We're not real sure what her story is, other than being found as a stray and hanging out in the shelter waiting for seven days for her family to claim her. When no one came, the high-kill shelter in Texas gave her hours. Naturally, every day of those seven days she was on hold (and ever since) her meerkat ways melted our hearts. She's been our OGP ever since, making sure all of our products are worthy of a princess.

LADY BELL - CTT - Chief Toy Tester

The largest of the pack, yet she's adamant that she's a lap dog, unless of course she's got "her" toy. This doll face was found abandoned in a back yard, chained up with no food or water and a broken leg to boot. She found herself in a short term foster home, when they couldn't keep her anymore, their only option was to take her to the shelter. Clearly, we didn't let that happen. Not only a permanent member of the Real Good Pack, she's our Chief Toy Tester. Believe us when we say, she has tested them all: hard, soft, small & large. She single-handedly selected our assortment of toys!

MEYER MAXWELL - HBIC - Head Beauty in Charge

She might be small, but don't let that fool you; she keeps us all in line with her spiciness! We were being nice with the "beauty" part of her title, by the way. Found in a dumpster in NYC, along with her siblings, she was a fighter from the beginning. Despite her start in life, she's a nugget lover with the rest of them! Being the HBIC means she lets us know when, where and how high to jump. Every pack needs one of those, right?


With a passionate soul and a fervor heart, dog rescue needs Terah and what she’s doing at Real Good.
— Danielle Maveal - Dog for Dog


Want to help us do Real Good for the Dogs? 100% of your donation goes to ensure our Real Good Dogs have the food & veterinary care they need. It covers cleaning supplies, boarding fees, and outreach. Donated funds also support our foster and volunteer programs, ensuring that each animal receives loving care while waiting to find his or her forever human.