Thank you for considering adopting/fostering a dog from Real Good Rescue! Once you submit this application, the process is as follows:

1. Your application will be processed by a Real Good representative.
2. If approved, your landlord will be contacted in order to verify dogs are allowed in the residence (for renters).
3. If approved, you will be contacted in order to schedule a home visit which will be conducted at your permanent place of residence by a Real Good representative.
4. If approved, the references you provided on your application will be contacted.

If you would like to be added to our Foster Roster - we will keep your details in our data base and contact you when we need you to Foster a pup.

Not sure what type of pup is right for you and your lifestyle? Fill out our Canine Questionnaire and we'll help find the right pup for you!

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Please provide a name, relationships to you, phone numbers, and email addresses of someone NOT RELATED TO YOU
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