Lucy & Cliff

Homeless, not hopeless.

I couldn't be more passionate about our homeless community and their animal companions. They have less access, less resources, little to no belongings, but the most heart!

Insert Cliff and his companion Lucy. They are best friends and have a love for one another that I know we can all relate to.

Lucy is not only a companion to cliff, she is his service dog, as cliff is partially deaf. Being homeless, one is faced with numerous challenges, add in a disability to the mix and the challenges are magnified to a degree most of us couldn't even dream of.

Connecting with people is one of my favorite things. My dear friend Rita, who is an insane photographer and uses her talents to find homes for all the animals in need (angel in human form), put me in touch with Shyann.

Shyann is also among the likes of the angels walking in human form. When she shared the story about Cliff and Lucy, I knew REal Good was supposed to help!

Multiple people have pulled together to provide financial support to cover spay surgery and medical care for Lucy, lodging while she heals , Natural Blance food rolls (her favorite), booties for lucy (the streets are hot in the Summer and a runners leash so she can be connected to him at night while they sleep (she has been stolen twice on the streets),

If you'd like to continue to support our efforts in providing aid to Lucy and Cliff, please make a donation to Real Good and specify lucy.

Thank you so much for your support!



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